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  Since I was a child, I have loved being an artist.  My first jobs were painting Christmas windows and making posters, invitations, flyers and greeting cards. Over the years I have painted murals, illustrated for local newspapers, designed logos, and run an apparel business. My favorite mediums are pen & ink, colored pencils, with a touch of computer graphics. Some of my early influences were John Tenniel (Alice in Wonderland) Garth Williams, Maurice Sendak and Arthur Rackham. I am now retired from most other jobs, and free to explore doing my own thing...which is whimsical holiday art and nursery / kids’ playful illustrations. I sell my work online through my Etsy store and my own website, as well as travel to various arts and craft fairs and festivals throughout the year. I offer most pieces in assorted sizes and formats: decoupage on wood (with hanging wire and beads), note cards, bookmarks,  ornaments, magnets and cabochon jewelry.

I work from my home in Southern California.

                                                      *I  believe in coloring inside the lines!


Sugar Plum Festivals

glitterfest 2.webp


Claremont Village Venture


Huntington Beach Pier

Del Mar Harvest Festival

Harvest Festivals


Shell Dominica

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